Wildlife Viewing

A Responsible Approach

Responsible Viewing in the Wild

Although experiencing dolphins and other marine life up close at Sea Life Park is safe and educational, encounters with wild animals can be harmful for both humans and the animals. Sea Life Park promotes the responsible viewing of animals in the wild.

Some helpful guidelines for viewing wild whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles provided by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association:

Remain at least 100 yards from humpback whales, and at least 50 yards from other marine mammals (dolphins, other whale species, and Hawaiian monk seals). Do not swim with wild spinner dolphins.
Observe turtles from a distance.
Bring binoculars along on viewing excursions to assure a good view from the recommended viewing distances.
Do not attempt to touch, ride, or feed turtles.
Limit your time observing an animal to 1/2 hour.
Marine mammals and sea turtles should not be encircled or trapped between boats or shore.
If approached by a marine mammal or turtle while on a boat, put the engine in neutral and allow the animal to pass.
Boat movement should be from the rear of the animal.
These guidelines do not replace Federal or state law. Pursuit and feeding of marine mammals is prohibited by Federal law.