Shark Aquarium in Oahu

Sea Life Park’s Shark Cave is an excellent place to learn about the wonderful species of sharks living in Hawaii. Sharks are unique in the fish kingdom, with sleek, boneless bodies (they only have cartilage, no bones) and other amazing adaptations. Our Shark Cave, designed for shark viewing and underwater shark experiences, has great new features, from the life-size shark imagery and cave rock-work on the walls to special underwater mood lighting and – most excitingly – a removal of the submersible fencing that was in place for the safety of the animals and people in the tank.

Those guests enjoying our Shark Trek experience will be thrilled to be in the water with several beautiful native sharks, fish and stingrays with no boundary between themselves and the animals.

Shark Trek uses remarkable Sea Trek technology which enables virtually anyone, even children, to submerge for long periods of time using just a helmet. The Shark Trek experience – now fence-free!