Guests with Disabilities


Guests with Disabilities


Is to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible. We strive to accommodate all our guests with disabilities, including those with wheelchairs, at most of our attractions, shows and restaurants. Our desire is for you to participate in the unique opportunities to encounter Hawaii’s glorious sea life despite your physical or health-related obstacles. Naturally, we also operate in compliance with all laws related to disabilities.


Is to contact Guest Services at least 48 hours prior to your visit (a week prior if you’re bringing a group of people with disabilities). We will then fax or email you a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us. The information you provide will allow us to properly assess your physical condition. We will then contact you regarding which attractions you may participate in. Despite all our capabilities, there sometimes may still be some rides, attractions, activities, animal interactions or areas of the Park that we cannot make reasonably safe or accessible for you. Safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun!

Please call Guest Services at 808-259-2500 or Click Here.


For guests interested in any interactive program:

  • We do not allow a pregnant person in the dolphin interactive programs under any circumstances.
  • Some interactive programs require strenuous activities; therefore, your ability to participate might be effected by your medical or physical condition.
  • If you are currently under the care of a physician or have recently undergone a surgery, please check with your doctor before signing up for an interactive program.
  • If you are uncomfortable swimming or floating in deep water, we recommend you do not participate in any interactive program.
  • The Park does NOT provide medication, insulin, or other medical treatments or devices, other than basic first aid. Be aware of these factors and plan your visit accordingly.

While the Park complies with federal and state disability and accommodation laws, there may be some rides or attractions, activities, or areas of the Park, which may not be safely accessible to all persons. At the Park, safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun! Thrill rides, by their nature, create forces and speeds that may not be acceptable or tolerable to some guests and may cause injury to some riders with known or unknown pre-existing conditions. For your protection, many of the rides and other attractions at the Park incorporate safety systems that are designed to accommodate people with certain characteristics, such as average physical stature and body proportion. These safety systems may place restrictions on the ability of certain individuals to safely experience an attraction.

In general, you should only engage in activities or rides, or participate in certain attractions, if you are in good health and believe that you can safely do so, and only then if you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol or other substances which may impair your judgment or ability to safely enjoy a ride or activity. Do not ride if you know or suspect that you may be pregnant, have high blood pressure or other heart condition, neck, back/spine or body problems, motion sickness or balance issues, recent surgery, neurological or vision disorders, conditions affecting coordination and muscle control, seizures or fainting spells, or any other medical condition that may affect your ability to fully enjoy the activity or ride in a safe and controlled manner You should not ride if you have any impairment or condition that would prevent the intended use of seating and safety restraints as provided, or an inability to follow any safety requirement.

Prosthetics, Medical Devices & Ride Safety – Not Permitted. For your safety and the safety of others, riders with medical devices will be prohibited from certain rides (e.g., a cast, or a back brace). Please keep in mind that most amusement or water rides generate forces upon the body, and are therefore or not suitable for people with existing injuries. In other instances, riders may be required to remove medical devices, including half or full-length orthotics, braces, crutches, canes, prosthetics and any other type of medical assistance device that is not permanently affixed to the rider’s body.

These rules are necessary to prevent serious hazards associated with medical devices or prosthetics coming loose—which can result in serious or severe injuries to the rider or other persons. These devices may also cause damage to a ride. These devices may also prevent safety restraints from working as designed, may present hazards with a rider getting in or out of a ride, and interfere with the rider’s ability to maintain a securely safe and proper riding position. We cannot rely on assurances that “my prosthetic won’t come off” -- there is absolutely no means for the Park to verify the reality of that assurance on a case-by-case basis, or to ensure that a prosthetic is so securely attached that it won’t detach during a particular ride experience.

Please speak to a Park manager with any questions or for further clarification on a ride-by-ride basis. If permitted on a ride without the prosthetic device, we ask that you have a friend or family member take possession of the device while you enjoy a ride; if that is not possible, we will try our best to assist you by retaining the device until you have enjoyed your ride (notwithstanding, please understand that we are not a “bailee” and we cannot assume responsible for any devices, nor shall we incur liability for theft, loss or damage).

In addition, please understand that there are some rides where the existence of all limbs may be necessary in order for you to be safely restrained. In such situations, for everyone’s safety, we regret that we cannot allow any such person to go on those rides.

Please call Guest Services at 808-259-2500 or Click Here.