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mom and baby

The Sea Life Park Hawaii ohana just got a little bigger. Born at the park in the early morning hours of December 4, 2019, a female Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf has been under the careful 24-hour watch of its mother, BJ, and the Park’s animal care team for almost four months as it reached essential developmental milestones during an important time for nurturing and bonding.

“Mom and baby are doing very well,” said Sea Life Park General Manager Valerie King. “BJ is a wonderfully caring and attentive mother, and her curious and energetic little calf brings us all a lot of joy right now when we could use it.”

Sea Life Park solicited the community’s help in choosing the new calf’s name, Kailani, which means sea and sky.

new calf’s name, Kailani

"We are still here day and night ensuring the animals receive the care they deserve as well as adopting all preventive measures for our team," said Park Curator Jeff Pawloski. "Atlantic bottlenose dolphins gestate for 12 months, and we were able to monitor the health of BJ and her calf throughout the course of this natural and yet truly incredible journey with the help of medical advances such as ultrasound. It’s awe-inspiring to see the calf growing every day in confidence and strength alongside her mother. We can’t wait to hear what the community names this little wonder."