Shark Encounter Adventure Tour

A NEW Shark Scuba Experience!

An Adventure Tour

During this incredible 7- hour tour adventure; you will receive a narrated tour of the East Side of the Island, scuba diving and swimming with Hawaiian Sharks, view the popular Dolphin Lagoon Show and be able to explore Sea Life Park Hawaii.

Swim with Sharks!

Within Sea Life Park is its unique Hawaiian Shark Cave, where guests can experience a living shark exhibit. Dive in for a very personal, extremely up-close encounter. Get ready to meet the most feared and misunderstood predators on the planet. Using scuba gear, immerse yourself among native Hawaiian sharks, up to three different species in nearly 300,000 gallons of tropical water. There is no substitute for the intense thrill of the Shark Encounter Adventure Tour, the best shark diving experience on Oahu!

Whether you're a certified diver or an adventurous non-diver, this is an exhilarating, underwater journey that is perfect for you. This amazing Shark Cave has been perfectly designed for first time visitors that want to experience scuba diving in a safe and controlled underwater environment. You will dive with Whitetip Reef sharks, Sandbar Sharks, a Blacktip Reef shark, a Giant Brown Hawaiian Sting Ray, Blue Trevally, Surgeon fish, and Yellow Tangs with no boundaries between yourself and the animals. There is absolutely no diving experience required, the Shark Adventure Tour is for everyone!

Arrive in style!

Package includes transportation in a chauffeur driven style, newer model, all black, air-conditioned, and fully insured, Royal Hawaiian Limousine luxury vehicle. (A few other guests may also be on the Shark Encounter Adventure Tour). Also included in this great tour is a hosted lunch (sandwich, chips and beverage).

ADULTS & CHILDREN $350.00 (10 years and up)

Program Times
Daily - 7:30am, 9:00am and 11:00am
based on availability.
Approximately a 7-hour tour (water time: 30 min).

Two person minimum per tour. Must pre-book, 48 hours in advance.

to reserve your spot!

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For any questions, please call (808) 275-6030 or email

• The highest level, luxury chauffeur service will be provided throughout the tour
• Narrated tour of the East side of Oahu going to Sea Life Park Hawaii
• Complimentary juice and cold bottle of water
• Admission to Sea Life Park Hawaii
• Only protected shark swimming encounter available on Oahu
• Professional diving instructor to accompany guests during swimming encounter
• Professional underwater photographer to capture special moments (pictures for additional fee)
• Tour includes the opportunity to experience Sea Life Park’s incredible Dolphin Lagoon Show
• Hosted lunch at Sea Life Park- (Includes sandwich, chips and drink)
• Free Time to explore Sea Life Park Hawaii
• Shopping Time at Sea Life Park’s Store

  • Park admission is included with the program.
  • Bring your own towel and swimwear. Changing facilities are available.
  • NO jewelry (including piercing jewelry) or anything that can potentially fall off in the water, such as sunglasses, glasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair ties etc.
  • Use only biodegradable sunscreen to protect the animals and their environment. Approved sunscreen is available in our gift shop.
  • Photos are available for purchase.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any session due to the welfare and safety of the animals.
  • Each participant must be 10 years or older. Participants under 15 years old must be accompanied in the water by a paying adult (18 years or older).
  • Children 15 years and older may participate on their own during the program.
  • Participants under 15 years old, guardians and minors must fill out and sign the Youth Responsibility Acknowledgement Release and review the Youth Flip Chart.
  • Program water time lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • All scuba dive equipment will be provided.
  • Pregnant women are NOT allowed to participate.
  • Please complete the Discover Scuba Diving Releases and Medical Questionnaire.
    A ‘Yes’ Response on the previous Medical Questionnaire will require you and your physician to complete and sign the PADI Medical Statement Form stating that you are fit to dive. This is ONLY needed if you have a ‘Yes’ response to any of the medical questions on the Medical Questionnaire.
  • Certified Divers are welcome to participate. The Instruction will continue to be in a non-certified teaching format for procedural purposes. Certified Divers will be required to watch the training video and participate in the briefings.
  • Please note: This is not a certification course. Additional training is required in order to become a certified diver.

When you arrive you will go through a briefing over the theory of how to breathe underwater and other skills to help you feel comfortable underwater. After the briefing you will enter the platform over the tank where we will set up the divers in their equipment and enter the water on the large ladder. Each diver will practice their skills, that they learned in the briefing, one-on-one with the instructor. Once everyone is ready, the divers will descend on the ladder to the sharks and rays waiting below!

Clients may cancel their tour reservations at least minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled date. All approved cancellations are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the date of service will not be accepted, thus, payments are not refundable. “No shows” will be considered service rendered. Hence, payments made are also non-refundable. All refunds will be credited to your account within 2 to 4 weeks after cancellation date. If you need to change your tour date because of a change in schedule, there will be no extra charge for you; however, all changes are subject to availability.

Rates are subject to tax. Rates are valid to 12/31/20 and are subject to change without notice, all confirmed reservations will be honored. Full refunds are available if reservations are cancelled at least 2 days before the date of service. Royal Hawaiian Limousine shall not be liable for any injury, loss, damage or accident to persons or property of any individual on the tour from any cause beyond its control.

For the convenience of our clients for the first time in years we will hold your belongings and bags on all our private tours without extra charge. If we do so, please be advised that we are not liable for lost or stolen items as our staff parks the vehicle.