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Family Swimming with Dolphins in Oahu

Sea Life Park Hawaii is where the heart meets the sea. Get ready to be inspired by our amazing marine animals during a show or by observing them in their habitats. If you're looking for a more unique experience, you can swim with Dolphins, Sharks, Sea Lions, or Hawaiian Rays. Whether you’re a hands-on thrill-seeker or prefer to view the excitement from a distance, Sea Life Park Hawaii will delight you.

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Ka Moana Lū'au

O'ahu's only east-side lū'au!
Join our 'ohana (family) at Oahu's only east-side lū'au as we take you on a voyage through Polynesia for an unforgettable evening of traditional music, dance, and cuisine where the Ko'olau mountain meets the moana.

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Dolphin Royal Swim

This interactive program features two dolphins and can be summarized in two words: exhilarating and thrilling. A kiss on the cheek prepares you for an exciting double dorsal fin ride and double foot push! This is truly an experience of a lifetime. Photos with your dolphin are available for purchase weather permitting.

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Age Requirement >8 Yrs 

NEW! Ray Training Demonstration

Did you know you can train stingrays? Watch as our divers interact with our rays in the Shark Cave and perform operant conditioning.
Daily at 10:30 a.m.

Park Conservation Tour

For more than 50 years, Sea Life Park has been dedicated to marine conservation, preservation, and education about the wonderful fish, seabirds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles, and all other animals that make their home in our marine environment. Learn more about the parks animals and conservation programs from our staff.

Daily at 1:30 p.m.

Reef Rangers Kids Club

Sea Life Park Reef Rangers are passionate about environmental protection, science, and conservation. Visit Sea Life Park today to become an official Sea Life Park Reef Ranger Club member and pledge to protect the Planet!

Daily at 12:00 p.m. and 2:25 p.m.

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Dolphin Swim Adventure

Participants learn about daily dolphin life and interact with them up close and personal in this intimate and educational adventure. Guests touch, enjoy a kiss and belly ride with a dolphin! NEW! This thrilling adventure now comes with a free photo of your memorable experience!

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Age Requirement >8 Yrs 

Dolphin Splash

New for 2020! From a knee deep platform, watch and learn how dolphins move in the water in this perfect-for-kids, Dolphin Splash! Touch and get up close to a dolphin while learning basic dolphin trainer hand signals. Warning: you will get splashed!

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Age Requirement >3 Yrs 

Dolphin Encounter

From a waist deep platform, participants touch and observe the dolphins while they swim right in front of them and perform high-energy behaviors. Dolphins play, kiss and may even “hula dance” with the guests! Photos with your dolphin are available for purchase weather permitting.

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Age Requirement >3 Yrs 

Dolphin Aloha

Dolphin Aloha lets you get up close to dolphins without getting wet! Go behind the scenes and get the chance to meet, touch and feed a dolphin while learning all about what makes them perfectly adapted for life in the water. You may get splashed! Perfect for all ages, have fun interacting with our dolphin friends.

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Age Requirement All 

Sea Lion Encounter

Guests receive a unique opportunity to swim with a Sea Lion in a playful, educational, and interactive atmosphere. During the program, guests will be able to stroke a sea lion as the sea lion swims underwater. Guests will receive a performance and kiss from their sea lion! Photos with your Sea Lion are available for purchase weather permitting.

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Age Requirement >8 Yrs 

Hawaiian Reef Encounter

Swim with sharks and rays! Guests swim in a special lagoon and meet these curious animals face-to-face as they glide through the water. Explore what a ray feels like, these graceful marine animals are gentle and friendly. This program is great for families.

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Age Requirement >4 Yrs 

Shark Encounter Adventure Tour

During this incredible 7- hour tour adventure, you will receive a narrated tour of the East Side of the Island and scuba diving with Hawaiian Sharks with transportation in a chauffeur driven style, newer model, all black, air-conditioned, and fully insured, Royal Hawaiian Limousine luxury vehicle!

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NEW! Reef Exploration

Get wet and view sharks, rays and fish as they swim by you! Using a lookbox viewfinder, explore, find, and observe the animals of the reef. Participants can feed the fish from the shallows. This program is great for families.

Daily at 1:20 p.m. for ages 4+. Each child 4-7 years must be accompanied by a paying participant 13+ years. Purchase at the gate, available daily while supplies last.
Age Requirement >4 Yrs 

NEW! Dolphin Lagoon Show

Relax in our shaded, open-air theatre and be introduced to some of our amazing dolphins. Come with us on a wayfinding journey through island-style stories with an all-new musical score. The show is educational and engaging. Afterwards, you can feed the dolphins!

Dolphin Feed $15, 12:30 pm daily. Times are subject to change. Questions? Call (808) 259-2500.

Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show

Smart, fast and funny, our California sea lions are a pleasure to watch. You’ll be surprised and delighted by their underwater acrobatics and above-ground antics, plus you'll learn plenty!

Sea Lion feedings ($10) take place in our Sea Lion Feeding Pool. 11:15 am & 3:00 pm daily
Times are subject to change. Questions? Call Sea Life Park at (808) 259-2500.

Education Programs

Delve into the science of the sea in our unique interactive classroom and park environments. Hands-on learning is focused on the whole ocean ecosystem and its conservation. Students of all ages are engaged and inspired by our terrific team of educators.

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Hawaiian Reef Lagoon

Life on the reef can be tricky. Come learn about some of the animals you can find on the Hawaiian reef including stingrays, whitetip reef sharks, and tropical reef fish!

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Discovery Reef
Touch Pool

Children of all ages get excited about the Discovery Reef Touch Pool, where they can carefully lay their hands on sea stars, urchins, and even baby honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles). Crawl into the tunnel and watch the fish swim by. All creatures featured are native to Hawaiian waters and tide pools.

*Touch Pool species subject to change.

Penguin Trainer Talk

Our crew of adorable Humboldt penguins are able to leap out of the water like bullets and walk upright. Hear all about the aquatic bird species during this trainer-led forum.

10:45am and 2:20pm daily.
Times are subject to change. Questions?
Call Sea Life Park at (808) 259-2500.

Penguin Habitat

Penguins in Hawaii? Get up close to Humboldt Penguins at this exhibit where you can watch these flightless birds “fly” through the water. These animals are typically found in Chile and Peru so the Hawaiian weather is actually quite comfortable for them, and if they ever need to cool off they can always take a dip.

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Honu Green Sea Turtle

A focus on conservation. Come see the only active breeding colony of green sea turtles in the United States. As part of a resurgence to wild populations, the park releases between 200 and 800 green sea turtle hatch-lings each year. See them up-close and learn why they're such an important part of our ecosystem.

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Shark Cave

Experience the living shark exhibit, the Hawaiian Shark Cave. Step into the breathtaking world of Hawaii’s sharks, guided by dazzling interactive technology. This 300,000–gallon aquarium is home to native Hawaiian sharks. The exhibit includes sandbar sharks, whitetip reef sharks and a blacktip reef shark.

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Dolphins & Wholphins

Wholphins, like dolphins, have strong and long-lasting familial bonds, which makes sense given their genetic blend. A hybrid of a false killer whale and Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Sea Life Park’s own Kekaimalu, meaning “from the peaceful sea,” and her calf Kawilikai, meaning “blend of the ocean,” are inseparable.

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California Sea Lion

Sea lions, along with seals, and walruses belong to the family called Pinnipeds! Our California sea lions divide their time between basking, snoozing, diving, floating and, of course, eating. You can feed them, too! (Fees apply.)

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Cockatiels and lovebirds make up the bustling, chirping community of Sea Life Park’s open-air aviary. All guests are welcome to step inside and enjoy their company during posted hours. Feeding sticks are available at no charge.

Seabird Sanctuary

Many birds have arrived at our park injured or sick, and in need of rehabilitation. We have carefully and lovingly nursed these beauties back to health and those that cannot go back into the wild are now permanent residents of Sea Life Park. Take a look at some of our local Hawaiian seabirds, including the Iwa (Great Frigate Bird).

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